The majority of the Craigslist ad. The entire photo from the scene was included.

Craigslist is a classified advertisements website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, for sale, items wanted, services, community, gigs, resumes, and discussion forums. Craig Newmark began the service in 1995 as an email distribution list to friends, featuring local events in the San Francisco Bay Area. It became a web-based service in 1996 and expanded into other classified categories. It started expanding to other U.S. cities in 2000, and now covers 50 countries.

Not long after the second teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode 7 debuted in April, 2015, a fake Craigslist ad appeared on the site with a photo from one of the scenes of the trailer, advertising a “slightly used Imperial II-class Star Destroyer” up for sale. The ad was flagged and removed within 48 hours.

Star Destroyer adEdit

The ad came with a photo of a scene from the first few seconds of the trailer where what is presumed to be a Landspeeder is moving towards the wreckage of a downed Star Destroyer. The ad read that the Destroyer had been “sitting on my moisture farm” and needed to be removed by “next year’s harvest”.

The ad went on to describe the size, weight and requirements for running the Destroyer (“a crew of 37,085 but you can pull it off with a minimum of 5,000"). It also stated of the Destroyer having “LeGrange targeting computers, heavy ion cannons, Phylon Q7 tractor beam projectors, leather bucket seats, and a 15 disc cd changer”, being “perfect for long road trips with the family, discovering new galaxies, picking up girls for dates, and general destruction of your enemies”.

The seller was asking for 145,670,000 credits (although the currency wasn’t specified) and asked for “no mind tricks” in order to finalize a deal. Purchaser would also be “responsible for towing” the Destroyer as well.